• What is Sarah's Law?

    The child sex offender disclosure scheme, more commonly known as Sarah's Law, allows anyone to formally ask the police if someone who has access to a child has a child sexual offences record.

  • How do I make a Sarah's Law request?

    If you would like to make a request under Sarah's Law, you can do so by filling in our online form. Alternatively you can also visit your local police station.

    After the form has been received and our initial enquiries have been completed, you may be asked to come to a face to face meeting with a police officer. If you are asked to this meeting, you should bring two forms of ID, with at least one being photographic ID.

  • What happens after I make the request?

    If we make a disclosure, we will do so in person rather than in writing. We will only disclose the information to a parent or a carer.

    Also, if we do make a disclosure, the person/s we disclose the information to must keep it confidential, as legal action may be taken if it is disclosed to anyone else. For more information, visit the government website.

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