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A road traffic collision (RTC) is a collision involving a vehicle or vehicles.

To get targeted advice please select from the cards below before pressing the ‘see my options’ button.
You do not have to select a card from every category. Alternatively skip to the general advice.
No information is recorded unless you choose to report this to us.
I've had a collision and we exchanged details
You have collided with another vehicle but no one was injured and you have exchanged details
I've had a collision and the vehicle drove off
You have collided with another vehicle and they have driven off without exchanging details
I have been injured in a collision
You have collided with another vehicle and been injured as a result
I've had a collision and a vehicle is now blocking the road
As a result of a collision, a vehicle is obstructing other road users
I've had a collision with an animal or street furniture
You have collided with an animal or property on the street such as a bench or bollard
My car was recovered by the police
Your car was removed by the police after the collision and want to know what you should do next
There are witnesses
Someone saw the incident happen
I don't think there are any witnesses
You don't know if anyone saw what happened
Your situation
I do not speak English very well
English is not your first language and you may have difficulties discussing your concerns
The collision happened outside of the West Midlands
You collided with a vehicle outside of the force area
The person who did this
I think I know who did this
You have details of, or suspect you know who was involved in the collision
I don't have a name or description of the person, but I have other details
You do not have any description or names of those involved, but do have details such as their address, their place of work, their number plate, online details etc.
Someone has details about this
Someone believes they have information about the collision
I don’t know who did this
You do not have any details of anyone involved in the collision