• What is the law on wearing a seatbelt?

    It is a legal requirement to wear a seatbelt if one is fitted in the seat being used, whilst travelling in a vehicle.

    Only one person at a time can use the seatbelt fitted to each seat.

    If you don't wear a seat belt when you are supposed to, you can be fined up to £500.

    The driver is responsible for themself and anyone aged under 14. Once you are 14, it is your responsibility. The fine will be handed to you, not to the driver of the vehicle.

  • When do I not have to wear a seatbelt in a vehicle?

    Even though there are certain scenarios where you do not have to wear a seatbelt, we recommend that you think carefully before doing so as you are twice as likely to die following an accident if you're not wearing one.

    Some circumstances where seatbelts do not have to be worn are:

    • if you are a driver reversing, or supervising a learner driver who is reversing
    • if you have a medical certificate
    • if it is necessary as part of police, fire, or rescue duties
    • if you’re working in a goods vehicle whilst travelling no more than 50 metres between stops
    • if you’re a licensed taxi driver or private hire driver in specific circumstances

    Find out more about when you are allowed to not wear a seatbelt.

  • What if my vehicle doesn't have seat belts?

    Any journey where a seatbelt is not available for a passenger, for example in a classic car, should be carefully considered.                                                                                                  

    In addition drivers and adult passengers have an obligation to ensure the safety of children in vehicles. Further information is available in the useful links section below.

  • What is the correct booster seat for my child?

    Find out what the correct booster seat for your child is.

  • Why should I wear a seatbelt?

    If you are involved in a collision and you do not wear a seatbelt, you are twice as more likely to die. Find out more information.

Useful Links

  • The Central Motorway Policing Group are dedicated roads policing officers who try to disrupt criminality and make our region’s roads safer. You can keep up to date with their work by liking their Facebook page, or by following them on Twitter.
  • Find out more about the law on not wearing a seatbelt while in a vehicle.
  • Visit the government’s website if you would like more help on selecting the correct booster seat for your child
  • THINK! is a campaign from the Department of Transport providing road safety information to drivers and riders in the UK. For more information on why not wearing a seatbelt in a vehicle is so dangerous, please visit their website.


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