We’re supporting a scheme from the Home Office that compensates people if they surrender weapons that will become illegal in 2021. It started on 10 December 2020 and is happening for three months.

This will let you identify any weapons you own legally that need to be handed into us. It will also allow you to claim compensation for doing so.

Where can I find the list of weapons?

To find out what weapons you can claim compensation for, view this document.

To find out how much compensation you can claim for each weapon, visit this document from the government.

What do I need to do if you own any of the weapons?

If you own any of the weapons mentioned, download and complete this form. You’ll need to bring it, with the weapon, to a police station.

If you cannot fill the form out before you visit a station, you can also fill it out when you arrive. However, we'd recommend filling out the form wherever possible beforehand. This is so if you're stopped by an officer with the weapon while going to a station, you can show the form and explain what you're doing.

When heading to the station, make sure you bring documentation, such as:

  • the licence to show you own the weapon
  • identification, such as a driving licence or passport
  • any other documents to show your ownership


Which stations can I visit to surrender these weapons?

To reduce as much risk as possible from coronavirus, only two of our stations will be receiving these weapons.

You should go to the main entrance of the station between these times:

West Bromwich Police Station, Moor Street, B70 7AQ

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 4pm-8pm

Saturday and Sunday: 10am-6pm

Coventry Central Police Station, Little Park Street, CV1 2JX

Sunday: 10am-6pm

How should I bring weapons to the police stations?

Make sure that you that any item you bring is safe to handle while you’re travelling to the station, or while you’re there.

We’d recommend storing weapons in a sealed box, or wrapping them up safely. This is so it cannot cause harm or alarm to people.

You must not just simply carry the weapon.

What will happen at the police station?

When you bring weapons, the officer will tell you to unwrap the weapon at the police station. Only do this when they tell you too.

The officer will then check the weapon and see if you can claim compensation. Your application will then be sent to the Home Office, who will decide how much compensation to give you.

The Home Office are the only organisation that can decide on compensation. We cannot do this.

Can weapons not on the list also be handed in?

Yes. Even though you might not get compensation for it, surrender any weapon you find. The scheme is part of our ongoing efforts to get weapons off the streets.

You do not have to complete any forms, and can hand them in at any police station.


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