• Found or Returned Property

    What items can I hand in to police?

    We can only take and record the following items as found property:

    • Items that may contain personal data, for example mobile phones, computers and tablets
    • Cash within wallets that are identifiable
    • Unidentifiable cash (you don’t know who it belongs to)
    • Items suspected of being involved in crime
    • Drugs
    • Chemicals

    If you have found a firearm, ammuntion or an explosive device, please visit our dedicated page to find out what to do.

    You can also hand in the following identifiable documents:

    • Passports
    • Bank cards
    • Identity cards
    • Personal documentation such as bank statements and benefit books
    • Birth, marriage and death certificates
    • Driving licences

    If the item you have is not on either of the above lists, we will most likely not be able to accept it.

    I’ve found an item that is not on the above list, but I still think the police should record it. Can I hand it in?

    Obviously, we cannot predict what could be handed in at a police station. Therefore there could be times where an item is handed in and it be absolutely appropriate for us to take a record of it. Our front office staff will always use their professional judgement when dealing with an item that has been handed in but is not on the normal list of items we take reports of.

    What happens when I hand a piece of property in?

    When you hand in the item of property, you will be given a ticket with a property number on it.

    If after six weeks no one claims the item, you are entitled to claim and keep it. When you return to claim the item please make sure that you have the property number with you.

    Please note, if we think the item contains personal data, you will not be able to claim it as your own.

    How can I check if the police have an item of mine?

    If you want to check if the police have an item of your property, you should first visit your local police station to see if we have it. Click here to find your local station and see the opening hours. Alternatively, please contact us by using our Live Chat facility, which can be accessed by clicking the button on the right of the screen. You can see our chat opening hours here.

    Should we have an item that you have lost, a member of staff will make an appointment for you to collect your item/s. They will give you the date and time as well as a property reference number.

    I had items seized as part of an investigation. How can I get them back?

    In every investigation, there will come a time where we will no longer require your property.

    If the officer investigating your case says that your property is allowed to be returned, please contact us by using our Live Chat facility, which can be accessed by clicking the button on the right of the screen. You can see our chat opening hours here.

    A member of police staff will then arrange an appointment at a police station for you to collect your property, and should give you the date and time of the appointment.

    Certain items, such as drugs, knives or guns, will not be allowed to be reclaimed.

    If we seized cash from you, the rules are extremely complicated about returning it. Please speak to a solicitor for more information.

    When you arrive at the police station, please make sure you bring your ID to collect the property.


Useful Links

  • The Information Hub is a website that gives advice on how to get property back to from the police.


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