• When you should contact us about an abnormal load?

    You should contact us about abnormal load if:

    • The width of the load and vehicle exceeds 2.9 metres
    • A rigid unit and any projection of the load exceeds 18.65 metres in length
    • Special Types combination exceeds 25.9 metres in length
    • Any projection to the front or rear exceeds  3.05 metres
    • A lateral projection on either side exceeds 305mm
    • The weight of the tractor, trailer and load exceeds 80,000 kgs  

    The required notice for police forces is two clear working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays) when:

    • The notice period for Highways and Bridges Authorities and Local Authorities is two clear working days if the weight exceeds 44 tonnes and five clear working days if the weight of the tractor, trailer and load exceed 80,000 kgs.

    Eight clear days notice must be given for providing a police escort for which a charge will be made. 

  • When will I need a police escort?

    Here are the West Midlands Police limits before loads must be escorted:

    • On a motorway: Width 4.6M (15’1”), Length 40M (134’) Weight 130T
    • On other roads: Width 4.3M (14’2”) Length 26M (85’) Weight 100T
  • How should you contact us?

    We accept notifications by email.

    When notifying West Midlands Police, please can you mark your email with one of the following bold headings relevant to your request, followed by whatever reference you wish to use:-

    • MOVEMENT ORDER - plus your reference.  If you are providing an escort, please state this on your notification.
    • DISPENSATION - use only to request an annual dispensation (please see below)
    • SPECIAL ORDER - plus your reference
    • HELP - plus your choice of reference

    As well as the police, the haulier is also required to notify the Highways and Bridges Authority, and Local Authorities relevant to which area they will be passing through.

  • What information will we need?

    Your notification has to include:

    • Details of the user of the vehicle – stating address, telephone number, fax number
    • Dimensions of the load – overall width and length and any projections
    • Route to be used – point of departure and destination, road details
    • Date of the move (can be over a period of up to 4 weeks)


  • What will we do following your application?

    It is the haulier's responsibility to check the route is suitable for the dimensions quoted.  

    Only Highways England have the authority to change the route on motorways , or amend the time and/or day of the movement. For non-motorway roads local authorities can make similar changes or amendments.

    The day of the movement is often changed for the very large, slow moving loads, which are usually moved on a Sunday to cause least disruption.

    National police recommendations on escorting criteria are considered to determine if an escort will be required.  If one is deemed necessary, the haulier is informed that they can provide a self or private escort for the journey if not already stated on their notification.

  • Our contact information

    If you have any questions or need further advice please contact us on 0121 322 6018.  Alternatively call 101 and insert extension number 843 6033 (if you are not in the West Midlands area please select this police force when prompted).

    You can also email us.

  • An important reminder before moving the abnormal load

    Hauliers and drivers are advised to ensure that the movement/loads are adequately risk assessed prior to travel and that the route is checked for suitability.  You must also comply with the STGO 2003 Regulations, C&U Regulations 1986 and all other relevant regulations.

    West Midlands Police accept no responsibility for the suitability of the route/load and all relevant legislation must be adhered to during the course of the movement.  Hauliers are reminded of their obligation to notify all relevant authorities regarding a movement order.

  • Are any vehicles exempt?

    The loads must not exceed 3.5 metres in width and all other dimensions/weights must comply with the Construction & Use Regulations 1986.  In addition to this, the loads must be able to move at normal traffic speeds.

    In some cases dispensation applications can be applied for to allow the regular movement of construction traffic.

    These dispensation orders run from January 1 to December 31 every year and need to be submitted via email to us by 15 December at the latest.  

    When applying, the following information is required:

    • The name of the person applying for the dispensation
    • The haulier's company name, address, telephone number and email address (if a Limited Company then the company secretary details  also)
    • Operator’s Licence Number where applicable
    • The route and identified roads to be used within the West Midlands area (please note putting the generic comment “all Motorways, A & B roads” will not suffice and will result in the application being refused)
    • Vehicle Registration Numbers (not required if the fleet is over 10)
    • A description of loads to be carried and the number of anticipated loads per year the haulier will be moving


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