West Midlands Police has established one of the largest & most successful Police Puppy Development Programmes around. Our programme holds 40 breeding females of a variety of breeds and aims to produce over 100 puppies each year.

In order to maintain the highest levels of animal welfare & breeding practices, we are members of the British Kennel Club’s Assured Breeder Scheme.

Whilst the majority of our puppies embark upon the structured Puppy Development Programme, we do have a number of puppies which we agree to sell from litters at 10-12 weeks old.

The programme’s aim is to develop operational police dogs for use within our own Force, but we have also supplied the majority of UK police forces. In addition, it also develops dogs which are sold to government agencies and institutions, defence, police & private organisations across the globe who rely on our expertise to develop working dogs for their needs.

The vast majority of dogs within the programme have been bred in house by the force & have been whelped within our state of the art facility at our Dog Training Centre in Balsall Common.

The centre boasts capacity for 60 dogs, whilst also housing a dedicated whelping block with three specialist kennels. In addition, centre has a specialist grooming facility alongside a veterinary room. It is self-sufficient, including full kitchen & changing room facilities, state of the art classroom & various offices. It also has numerous training and environmental development areas.

Each puppy goes through a full structured development plan as part of the programme, starting with an early neurostimulation & socialisation programme which begins from the moment they are born. The puppy also undergoes a series of assessments, at various age benchmarks, to ensure the highest levels of development are being achieved.              

We also train & develop dogs based on a specific requirement or order from external organisations. These dogs follow a bespoke training & development programme, designed specifically to meet the needs of the organisation wishing to purchase the dog.

Whether you are looking for a baby puppy through to an adult dog, our Puppy Development Programme has a variety of dogs available for organisations & individuals to purchase. For more information or to discuss your specific needs please email us.


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