What is the Herbert Protocol?

The Herbert Protocol is a form that is aimed to try and protect people who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

It can be filled in by carers, family or friends of a person who could go missing at any time.

How can I fill out a form?

Download our form. You can fill it out either by hand or electronically.

When should I fill out the form?

When you believe someone is at risk of going missing.

We know that caring for someone who has dementia or Alzheimer’s is extremely tough. There is a chance that they can go out and get lost.

George Herbert, who the initiative is named after, was a Second World War veteran and had dementia. He died while he went missing, trying to find his childhood home.

Planning ahead to keep people safe is very important.

Who can fill out the form?

The person who could go missing, a family member, a friend or someone else who cares for them.

If you are a care provider, please try and get permission from the person who is at risk, or their next of kin. If this isn’t possible, you should make a ‘best interests’ assessment.

Why should I fill out the form?

Filling out a form will save you having to remember information at a stressful time if the person does go missing.

Sitting down with them while you fill it in will make them think about places they used to live and work. This could also help them to remember things that they like to talk about.

Where should the form be kept and when should it be given to the police?

When you have filled out the form, you should put it somewhere that is safe, but where you can get it very quickly.

If you are a care provider and storing the form, make sure family, friends or carers know where it is. Make sure it is also stored in accordance with data protection laws.

The form should be given to us when you report the person missing. We will also give you the form back once they’ve been found.

What happens if the person goes missing?

Firstly, have a look in the building where they were last seen. Check every room, outbuildings and the grounds to see if you can find them.

If you can’t find them, call us on 999. The sooner you let us know the person is missing, the sooner we can start looking for them.

When you ring us, make sure you tell us that you have the Herbert Protocol form available. If you have an electronic copy, you might be able to email this to us. However, if we come to you to take your report, make sure you have the form ready to give the officers.

When you call we may ask:

  • when and where the person was seen last
  • what they were wearing and carrying when they went missing

Answering these questions will not delay our response, as officers will be sent out while you talk to us.


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