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Installing or using CCTV

Our advice

The presence of CCTV cameras can often be reassuring for home owners, a visible deterrent for offenders and can offer vital evidence for criminal proceedings.

But if you’re thinking of installing domestic CCTV cameras at your home, or if you already have them, you need to make sure the set up respects other people’s privacy.

Domestic CCTV system refers to the use of video surveillance equipment that you mount or fit to your home. Cameras fitted to doorbells are also covered by this guidance.

If the set up of your system means it captures only images within the boundary of your private domestic property (including your garden), then data protection laws will not apply to you.

However, if the system captures images of people outside the boundary of the private domestic property – for example, in neighbours’ homes or gardens, shared spaces, or on a public footpath or a street then data protection laws apply – and further conditions need to be adhered to.

You can find more information about data protection laws and the steps you need to follow on the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

If you are looking to install a CCTV system in a rented or local authority property you must also first ensure you have permission from the landlord to ensure the use of CCTV does not breach your tenancy agreement.

Even if you are the homeowner it is also advisable to check with the planning department at your local authority as the addition of cameras on certain properties may need permission from the local council and strict guidance. This can include guidance on the number of cameras, their size and the height they are fitted to your building.


Installing and using CCTV in your business

Please read this guide from the Home Office on how to get the most out of CCTV for your business.You can do this by visiting this link.


CCTV Requirements

Please read this guide from the Home Office on how to make sure your CCTV system can help us in any potential investigation. You can do this by visiting this link.

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