Meet PCSO Green from our Willenhall neighbourhood policing team

We’re sharing features on the officers who make up the Willenhall neighbourhood policing team.
PCSOs are an invaluable part of our team, their role is focused on engagement with communities and working with a wide range of partners to find long-term solutions to issues which affect local residents.

PCSO Aimee Green
PCSO Aimee Green

PCSO Aimee Green has been with our force for 15 years.
Her day starts with reviewing 24 hour crime and calls about anti-social behaviour. She also checks intelligence logs and the critical and general briefing pages so she aware of issues which may impact on people living in her area.

Aimee is responsible for liaising and providing support to the children’s care homes within Willenhall, there are currently four homes which look after children with a variety of needs, including having issues around child sexual exploitation, County Lines and mental health.
She also assists colleagues who take care of the nine primary schools and three comprehensive schools in Willenhall. They run police surgeries and deliver presentations around keeping safe, how anti-social behaviour affects people, knife crime. They also run schemes such as the “Junior PCSO’s” to help improve parking issues outside of schools.
Over the past week Aimee has been supporting our local response to Operation Aidant, it’s run nationally throughout the year and involves local police forces working alongside partner agencies to focus on vulnerability, exploitation, modern slavery and human trafficking.

Aimee joined because one of her friends was a PCSO and he suggested it would be a career as she enjoys speaking to people and having a varied working day.
After 15 years she’s not looked back, she enjoys the daily challenges and speaking to people from all walks of life.

Before joining us, Aimee had an administration role at New Cross Hospital. Prior to that she worked at a bar in Wolverhampton, she learned a lot of valuable communication skills during this time, speaking to people under the influence of alcohol, managing expectations and controlling situations that could turn volatile.   

Aimee describes her most memorable moment as when she attended one of her children’s care homes in 2019. She said: “They told me of their concerns about a child who had waved a knife towards a member of staff. I went to speak with them and noticed the child had drawn a swastika on his hand. 
“I gained his trust during our conversation and managed to ask him about the swastika and what it meant to him, I was concerned with his response, notified the manager at the home and asked them to check if he had any other items of concern in his bedroom. 
“They discovered he had books and posters which supported our concerns. I immediately informed counter terrorism officers and submitted as much information I could about this child. It will always stay with me because I have never come across anything like that before and the child was able to get appropriate support from specialists. I am now a Counter Terrorism Unit Prevent Ambassador.”
Aimee says the best part of the job is working alongside a great team of people who support and encourage each other at all times. 
She added: “I never feel like I don’t want to come to work. I love seeing a job through to the end and that feeling after you have changed someone’s situation for the better.”

She says the worst part of the job is the weather, unfortunately the uniforms makes her too hot in the summer and is not warm enough in the winter. 

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