Man sentenced for threatening to kill ex-partner in Birmingham

A man who threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend’s family and subjected them to harassment and distress has been jailed for nine years and five months.

Marshall Tricklebank, aged 20, and of Broadstone Road, Birmingham was sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court on Friday (10 September), after pleading guilty to harassment, aggravated burglary, and possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear or violence.

Marshall Tricklebank
Marshall Tricklebank has been jailed for nine years and five months.

He has also been given a court restraining order to last until further notice, prohibiting him from any contact with the victim or her family.

Tricklebank had been in a brief relationship with the victim, but soon became, controlling, coercive and abusive - both mentally and physically.

After she broke up with him, he made threats to the victim and her family, including threatening to burn their house down with three young children inside.

On one occasion (16 May) he threatened her mum with an imitation firearm and forced her to withdraw £600 from a cash machine, which she did in the hopes of him leaving her daughter alone for good.

Imitation firearm (gas powered bb gun)
The imitation firearm we recovered was a gas powered BB gun.

Just weeks later on 30 May he turned up at their home and shot her step dad in the neck with a high powered BB gun. We were alerted and found Tricklebank hanging from the upstairs window armed with a knife.

He was taken in to custody and later charged with an array of offences. The imitation firearm was recovered from his home and used in evidence. We believe he used the same gun to threaten the victim’s mum and stepdad.

Detective Constable Jay Aston, who carried out the investigation said: "This was a really traumatic and distressing experience for the victim and her family. We are glad that justice has now been done and that they have a measure of protection and reassurance.

“Tricklebank had lots of opportunity to leave them alone, but he chose not to and even threatened to kill them if they got the police involved. The family were so convinced that he would hurt them that they didn’t tell anyone what happened at first.

“I would like to thank them for their bravery and courage for speaking out and supporting the case through to conviction. I want others to know that we will always give support to victims. Securing the best evidence to enable us to get such cases to court can be very challenging but we are committed to doing so.

“The severity of the sentence indicates the seriousness of his actions. Behaviour like this will not be tolerated and will be punished heavily.

"Anyone undergoing such a distressing experience can contact us at any time, to talk in confidence, and to secure access to further specialist advice and support."

If you need help, advice or support please visit this section of our website.

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