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#HumansofWMP: Kim Keating, sergeant

“This year I am working the late shift on Christmas Eve – pretty much the worst possible as I have three young children but it’s part of the job of course. I will leave for my shift at 6pm leaving Helen and the children at home.

“I will get home just after 7am on Christmas morning, probably to a very stressed out Helen trying to keep the kids convinced Santa hasn’t been until I get back!  I will of course don my Christmas jammies and join in opening presents with the family.

Sgt Kim Keating

“We will then all attend Church at 10am and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and the kids will get to see their friends from school. I grew up in an Irish Catholic family with very strong traditions and we carry on that faith with our children.

“This year, because of my shifts, we are going to a restaurant for Christmas dinner before returning home with the rest of our family to play with toys, watch telly and eat to bursting point. I will take the chance to finally have some sleep, two hours maybe… before leaving the house for another late shift.

“The Christmas shift at the airport is busier than you’d imagine… the last minute flights home to meet family, arrivals on Christmas Eve and families reuniting. It’s really heart-warming to people watch before it goes very quiet. My parents are flying in from Ireland too, which will make the holidays even more special.

“It’s all very good natured and everyone is in good spirits. At this time of year we always have several families in their Christmas jumpers heading to Lapland to see Santa too. It’s a magical time of year at the airport”.