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Dramatic video shows knifeman arrested by armed police

West Midlands Police has released dramatic footage showing the moment a knifeman was arrested at gunpoint cowering in his shower cubicle. 

Armed cops stormed Jason Brown’s Erdington flat in Wood End Road on 12 December 2017 shortly after he’d stabbed a police colleague in the neck with a kitchen knife. 

They found the 48-year-old − who officers initially tried to arrest for assaulting a neighbour − slumped in an en suite bathroom with his hands in the air. 

Brown appeared in court yesterday (27 Feb) where he was given an indefinite hospital order having been found guilty of wounding 36-year-old PC Michael Doyle, plus assaulting the neighbour who he repeatedly punched in the face in an unprovoked attack. 

He was found not guilty by a jury on a more serious charge of attempted murder. 

Brown will remain in a secure unit under the Mental Health Act and will only ever be released if he is deemed no longer a danger to the public. 

PC Doyle − who works with a neighbourhood task force − feared for his life following the stabbing as colleagues stemmed blood loss from his neck with towels provided by a neighbour. 

Birmingham Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Kenny Bell, said: “It was a savage attack on a police officer in the line of duty… it serves as a reminder to us all of the inherent dangers faced by police officers on a daily basis in our efforts to prevent crime, protect the public and help those in need. 

“PC Doyle and colleagues who’d initially made the arrest attempt were forced to retreat from the flat as Brown lashed out with the knife − but they contained the building to ensure he couldn’t escape and potentially put other members of the public in danger. 

“Armed officers were called in for support and they moved in swiftly and decisively to detain the offender. 

“We all wish PC Doyle our best wishes in his continuing recovery." 

Brown attacked a neighbour with a flurry of punches and kicks on 9 December 2017 and left his victim with a fractured collarbone. 

Three days later West Midlands Police officers moved in to arrest him but, after forcing entry to the flat, Brown leapt from behind a corner brandishing the knife and stabbed PC Doyle in the throat. 

Armed officers later found a blood-stained knife alongside him in the shower and another large, sheathed knife on the lounge floor. 

Brown was initially sectioned under the Mental Health Act but questioned by detectives on 12 May last year after being deemed fit enough to be interviewed. He refused to answer questions but was still charged with attempted murder. 

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