Detectorists help our drive to crackdown on weapons

We’ve teamed up with a volunteer detectorist in Walsall.

It’s a brilliant addition to help with our ongoing efforts to tackle knife and gun crime.

Jamie Knight has been out with teams across the borough over the last few weeks and even helped out twice last week during Operation Sceptre – a national focus week on knife crime.

Jamie Knight
Jamie Knight with officers in Brownhills 

Jamie is giving up his time to assist officers in searching areas such as parks and bushes – something we regularly do, as we know weapons are sometimes hidden in these areas.

If the detector does pick anything up it will be seized by our accompanying officers and assessed for evidence linking it to criminal activity, before it is destroyed.

Jamie’s skills are really important in helping us find and remove deadly weapons from our streets.

Jamie Knight
Jamie at work

He got into metal detecting a few years ago as a way of helping him cope with his partners’ cancer diagnosis.

The 35–year-old said: “It’s a way of escaping reality while keeping my mind occupied. When I’m out I feel calm and relaxed and the only thing I’m focusing on is the beeps.

“It’s exciting when you find something of interest or very old.

“It’s also great to be able to help officers and the community by finding weapons and helping prevent them being used in crime. Sadly there is not a week that passes when you don’t hear of someone being stabbed in this country – it’s both sad and a bit scary.

 “If I find just one weapon in the time I do this and potentially save a life it’s all been worth it. Equally, just getting the message out there that I’m actively helping search for weapons is powerful, and I hope it deters people from hiding knives.”

Our Engagement and Consultation Officer, Andy Ryan, said: “Jamie’s support is absolutely crucial in our fight against knife and gun crime.

“It’s just wonderful to have someone with his skills helping out – and all in his own time – an amazing act of dedication and community spirit.”

Interested in getting involved? Please drop us an email at

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