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Celebrating our super-mums this Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day and it's time to celebrate the mums of West Midlands Police.

Here in West Midlands Police the children of many women follow their mum’s into the profession.

We asked them to send in photos of them and their mum along with details of why they’re so amazing.

Here’s the stories:

PC Cheryl Langford  (Sent in by PC Jack Langford)

"My mom has been with West Midlands Police since before I was born – however I was the one who joined first as a PC four years ago in March 2015. Mom started out as a traffic warden in Dudley town centre, then became a PCSO in Coseley and Dudley before finally becoming a PC in 2017.

She was always my inspiration growing up as she was a PCSO in the area where I went to school. Seeing her on the beat and getting to hear about all the interesting stories that happened in the area had a real impact on me.

It’s funny because everyone knew who my mother was and none of them had a bad word to say. I’m sure some people used to know her as the smiling Cheryl because no matter what she always has a smile to make others feel better.

Jack & Cheryl Langford
Mum & Son: PC's Jack and Cheryl Langford

When I first joined as a Special Constable I was posted to work on Dudley NPU where I actually worked alongside my mom’s neighbourhood team. This was very special for me and the team were happy to take me out and mentor and coach me. 

I recall one particular incident that I will never forget that my mom and I attended. I was working a super late shift on E unit and mom was working a night shift with C unit in Walsall.

I was dispatched to attend a domestic incident that turned out to be a very nasty assault where a woman had smashed a glass ashtray into her partner’s face causing a serious injury to his forehead.

I went into the property and confronted the woman in the bedroom. She was very drunk and spat at me. I then restrained her and asked for another vehicle to attend the scene.

At this time I didn’t know who was coming to support me and my colleague. I managed to control the woman and get her in cuffs then escorted her downstairs.

As I did so she started to vent her anger and shouted … and I couldn’t make this up; “I hope your mother is proud of you!”’ Who should walk through the front door to provide me with assistance but mom! Once the woman was taken away from us I had to ask her “Well, are you proud”? She said words to the effect of “Not when you can’t handle your prisoner!” The absolute cheek!

My Mom truly is inspirational and continues each and every day to make me feel proud.

To the best mom in the World ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.

Tracy Inskip-Blyde (Sent in by Tyla Chambers-Pratt)

“PC Inskip-Blyde is the most selfless, kind, generous, jolly and inspirational person I have ever met – and I have the privilege to say that she is my Mom.

Not only is she a fantastic mother to me, but she is also a fantastic ‘mother’ to her colleagues in OMU.  She always puts her fellow colleagues before herself and has earned the nickname of ‘Momma Trace’ as she takes on the caring and motherly role in her office.

Tyla & Tracy
Tracy and daughter Tyla

She has worked for West Midlands Police for many years and throughout her service, has experienced huge turbulence in her personal life, which obviously affected the both of us. Despite all of this, she still managed to excel as a mother and an officer. It is only now that I am older, that I can truly appreciate everything that she has done for me.

She supported my application to join the Force as a Custody Officer Assistant and always tells me how proud she is of me. We both work different shift patterns so we are often like passing ships in the night and do not have as much quality time together. This is why it would be so important to me, for her to get the recognition that she deserves as I often do not get chance to tell her how amazing she is. She is the most incredible person I have ever met and I know that this small gesture would mean the absolute world to her.”

Ann Downing (Sent in by Lauren Fox and Simon Downing)

"My mom is a long term serving member of police staff and during her time with WMP she has gradually recruited half of my family into force! Not only do I work here in the Disclosure and Barring Team, my brother also works for the force in Intelligence, he met his wife here and my cousin has recently secured a position here.

My mom is the most caring and kind person, she is an absolute softy at home and will do anything for her family. I have had a rocky past two years and she has been my absolute rock and support system along with my father which I will forever be grateful for as they both know.

Ann, Lauren & Simon
Simon, Ann & Lauren Fox

She is an inspiration to me on a regular basis, she has raised myself and my brother to an exceptional manner, and even put up with me through those horrible teenage years, which I will forever be remorseful for!

She is an amazing Nan to my niece and she always makes sure she has time for all of us, albeit I’m pretty sure my niece gets away with things I wouldn’t have even attempted as a child!

I can’t thank her enough for everything she does, and for being my best friend and my mother.

Hansa Patel (Sent in by Vanita Patel)

"My mom inspired me to pursue a career in the police - she joined over 25 years ago. Growing up I enjoyed listening to her police stories which made a real difference to the community. I also used to go to the Christmas parties at Bilston Station when I was younger.

Vanita & Hansa
Vanita & Hansel

Mom being in the organisation and talking about work and making me aware of the world around us, inspired me to join the police. Now I am a PCSO and I love my job!

It is also great fun to say we both work for the police - at the same station!

Happy Mother’s Day!"

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