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Can you help us save Steelhouse Lane Lock-up?

We're in a race against time to save the Lock-up and need your help.

The Victorian police building opened in 1891, and housed suspected criminals for over 125 years. Our mission is to turn the now-defunct building into a permanent museum for the public to explore, relish and absorb.

Open event at the lock-up
Our mission is to turn the now-defunct building into a permanent museum

We want to relocate our vast heritage collection from Sparkbrook and relaunch it at the Steelhouse Lane Lock-up in central Birmingham, where it can be more easily accessed by members of public.

Alongside the museum we plan to run a huge engagement programme targeting young people to ensure they are educated on the social impact of crime, the dangers of drugs and carrying knives and other topical matters.

School visit
We plan to use the museum to educate young people

The building is steeped in rich history; it’s something that must be preserved. A museum dedicated to the past, present and future of policing within its four walls seems fitting – if not inevitable.

Collection of heritage items
Items from our vast heritage collection

Funding cuts to policing in the UK mean that we can't support the project financially.

You can help by making a donation here. All money from this fundraising campaign will be split between the West Midlands Police Heritage Project and Care Of Police Survivors (COPS).

We’re also running a weekend of sponsored lock-in’s in conjunction with COPS UK. We’re looking for people to take part and spend either the 8 or 9 Feb 2019 at the Lock-up – there are 200 places up for grabs, but you’ll need to raise £250 sponsorship. All funds will be split between the WMP Heritage Project and COPS UK. Interested? Email to register. More information will be sent via email.