Award winning cops reunite stolen puppy with owners

A neighbourhood police team in Birmingham has been named our finest community cops for their commitment to making their streets safer.

For the last 18 months, officers from the Kings Norton team have been targeting offenders from a postcode gang who were linked to drug dealing and violence.

They worked with the council to get a ringleader evicted from his home and helped secure a jail sentence against him for burglary.

More offenders were arrested, convicted and moved out of the area after their tenancies were cancelled.

Our Kings Norton neighbourhood police team collecting their Diamond Award
Our Kings Norton neighbourhood police team collecting their Diamond Award

And the Kings Norton team really won the affection of local residents when they rescued a French Bulldog puppy that had been stolen during a burglary in the early hours of 17 January this year.

Body-worn video shows the moment we found four-month-old Moxley in the garden of a house just hours after he was cruelly snatched during a break-in at an address in Beaks Hill, Kings Norton.

We returned Moxley to his owner Gabriel Foley who was understandably delighted to have his faithful friend back home.

WATCH: Our officers find the stolen dog and return the puppy home

The team, led by Sergeant Sharon Brain, went on to win the Neighbourhood Excellence accolade at our force Diamond Awards last week.

Sgt Brain said: “It’s one of those lovely moments you go into policing for: the family were devastated at being burgled and losing their beloved pet dog but a few hours later we’d got him back.

“From police intelligence and our own experience we checked out a few addresses on the lookout for Moxley and found him in a back garden.

“A woman their claimed someone had dropped the dog off just 30 minutes earlier which seemed very suspicious.

“Poor Moxley was shaking. He was obviously missing home! So I took him straight back to his rightful owners who naturally were delighted.”

A woman and two children were arrested in connection with the dog theft; the woman later accepted a caution for handling stolen goods as there was no evidence of her involvement in the break-in.

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