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Man in court over injunction breach as police promise tough stance on gangs

A man with links to gang activity in Birmingham is behind bars on suspicion of breaching an injunction secured by West Midlands Police in a bid to sever his links to crime in the city. 

Jodecie Daley - who’s featured in YouTube grime videos uploaded by “23 Drillas" in which he appears to glorify gang activity and threaten members of rival groups - appeared at Birmingham County Court yesterday (Oct 11) accused of contempt of court.

West Midlands Police was granted a civil injunction against Daley last month after providing evidence he was linked to serious anti-social behaviour.

He was arrested on Tuesday (Oct 10) on suspicion of breaching the order by straying into Erdington High Street on Monday night - an area the 21-year-old is banned from entering as part of an ‘exclusion zone’ condition.

It’s also alleged Daley - who uses the street name ‘Ojay’ - has appeared in another gang video and failed to register a mobile phone SIM number with police.

Jodecie Daley was in court accused of breaching a civil order imposed by West Midlands Police
Jodecie Daley was in court accused of breaching a civil order imposed by West Midlands Police

He was remanded into prison and will appear back at the same court next week. 

Birmingham Police Superintendent Andy Parsons said the arrest should act as a warning that the force will come down hard on anyone linked to gang criminality.

He said: “These orders are secured against people we believe pose a threat to the public, to disrupt criminal activity and to protect our communities - and any breaches are serious. We have a wide range of powers available to us - including civil injunctions - to address the behaviour of people who seek to cause harm in our communities. 

“We will look to secure injunctions on anyone linked to Birmingham street gangs - and if they ignore the conditions they are likely to end up behind bars.

“Alongside Birmingham City Council we’ve secured many civil injunctions in Birmingham, including around 40 gang injunctions against men aligned to street gangs in the city.

“We are committed to identifying those suspected of being involved in gang-related crime and people should be reassured we are taking strong action against people who intimidate residents or bring violence to communities in Birmingham. 

"Violent crime will not be tolerated and we will seek to pursue lengthy custodial sentences for anyone involved. However, we also work with a number of partner agencies to offer support to those who wish to remove themselves from the cycle of gang-related crime."

It's alleged Daley has appeared in YouTube grime videoes alongside gang members
It's alleged Daley has appeared in YouTube grime videoes alongside gang members

The injunction bans Daley , from South Road in Erdington, from appearing in any future gang videos, associating with three named associates, possessing more than one phone or SIM card, and driving any cars that have not been registered with the police.

It also comes with an exclusion zone which means large swathes of north Birmingham, plus the Arcadian Centre, are now off limits to him for the next four years.

The no-go area zone includes Sutton Coldfield, Kingstanding, Erdington and Hamstead into West Bromwich as defined by the A4041, A41, M6, M42 and M6 Toll.

Supt Parsons added: “Daley has previously been managed by police offender managers but refused to engage with intervention programmes or schemes aimed at diverting people away from crime. 

“These injunctions are not sought lightly: together with councils, voluntary groups and charities we’ve made exhaustive efforts with these men and their families to try and steer them away from engaging in criminality.

“My officers know which men are bound by the injunctions, recognise them on sight, and we will be looking to see if they breach any of the conditions."

Anyone with information on crime in their area is urged to contact their local neighbourhood team or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.