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Former PC 6020 Jonathan Cahill
Standards of professional behaviour breached:
Equality and Diversity, Authority, Respect and Courtesy, Discreditable Conduct
Conduct that gave rise to breaches:
Gross Misconduct
Allegation 1
Whilst on duty the officer made offensive, abusive and discriminatory comments in respect of his supervisor in the presence of a number of colleagues.
Allegation 2
Following an off duty incident the officer was convicted of the offences of threats to kill, criminal damage and battery.
Attendance conditions

The Legally Qualified Chair is Mr Douglas Readings.

In accordance with the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012 (as amended) the Legally Qualified Chair is appointed from a list maintained by the Police and Crime Commissioner.  This appointment is independent of West Midlands Police.

This notice, which is served in advance of the hearing provides details of the Standards of Professional Behaviour. In accordance with the regulations the outcome will also be published.