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DC 1449 Graham Hussey
Standards of professional behaviour breached:
Fitness for Work
Orders and Instructions
Honesty and Integrity
Duties and Responsibilities
Authority, Respect and Courtesy
Discreditable Conduct
Conduct that gave rise to breaches:
Gross Misconduct

DC Hussey was unfit for work through the consumption of alcohol while on duty, including while in control of a police motor vehicle;

DC Hussey used a police vehicle for police duties for personal purposes; and knowingly made untruthful statements that related to professional duties to a senior officer on multiple occasions, both orally and in writing.

DC Hussey failed to carry out duties and responsibilities for approximately 4 hours on 10 May 2018;

Furthermore, after the officer became aware that an investigation had begun, made inappropriate posts on Facebook.

The Legally Qualified Chair is Mr Douglas Readings.

Attendance conditions

In accordance with the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012 (as amended) the Legally Qualified Chair is appointed from a list maintained by the Police and Crime Commissioner.  This appointment is independent of West Midlands Police.

In accordance with the regulations the outcome will also be published.

The Legally Qualified Chair is prepared to direct that the public should be excluded from parts of the hearing, if necessary, should any sensitive matters require to be discussed in private.