Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Find our response to the coronavirus outbreak and how to report someone breaching the social restrictions
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Before completing this report please make sure you've read and understand the guidance on our police powers and what is a potential breach.

Only tell us about something if you feel there is a significant issue or serious breach of the restrictions. As you’d expect, we have to balance incidents like this with responding to and investigating our usual police demands and crimes.

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Non-essential business

You can read a full list of businesses that are allowed to remain open by visiting this page.

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People gathering in one area

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The information you have provided is subject to police scrutiny. Any information found to be false or misleading will render you liable to prosecution.

Report this on Live Chat

Between 8am and midnight you can report this to us via live chat. Get started by selecting the live chat button. Outside of these times please call 101.

When speaking to an advisor tell them that you used the online form and it asked you to report the incident via live chat or 101.

Remember if a life is in danger please call 999 for a quicker response.