Transformation programme

From the way in which the public contact the force to how we respond, investigate and prevent re-offending, the WMP2020 programme has radically changed all aspects of our business with people and technology at its heart.


The programme now in its third year, has already delivered numerous improvements with many more still to come.


WMP2020 is built on a blueprint created following extensive consultation with our workforce, our partners and the public.


The blueprint looks at how our culture and values, our leadership, our technology, our services, and our systems and processes all need to function as we move forward.


A Response supervisor from Bournville police station, has ‘gone digital’ to talk about how WMP2020 has impacted upon him and his team over the last few years.


Using engaging animation, he shines a light back to the ‘olden days’ of 2002 compared to now.




There are four main principles which WMP2020 is based around:


  1. Designed to listen and reassure
    Adopting a new approach to working with the public, partners and each other.
  2. Geared to prevent harm
    Preventing crime and offending before people can be harmed.
  3. Prepared to respond at pace
    Adopting a more agile, mobile and effective response to problems in communities.
  4. Ready to learn and adapt
    Becoming a more active and innovative learning organisation


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