Executive Team

Chief Constable

Sir David Thompson

Deputy Chief Constable

Vanessa Jardine

Assistant Chief Constable

Richard Baker

Claire Bell

Jayne Meir

Mike O’Hara

Matt Ward

Director of People and Organisation Development

Nicola Price

Director of Commercial Services

Neil Chamberlain

Neighbourhood Policing Unit Commanders

Birmingham East

Mat Shaer (Chief Superintendent)

Birmingham West

Stephen Graham (Chief Superintendent)


Pete Henrick (Chief Superintendent)


Kim Madill (Chief Superintendent)


Ian Green (Chief Superintendent)


Ian Parnell (Chief Superintendent)


Phil Dolby (Chief Superintendent)


Richard Fisher (Chief Superintendent)

Heads of Departments

Business Partnering

Chris Thurley (Assistant Director)

Commonwealth Games

David Sturman (Chief Superintendent)

Corporate Asset Management

Andy Kelly (Assistant Director)

Corporate Communications

Lisa Benbow (Assistant Director)

Change Portfolio and Relationships

Alex Shariff (Assistant Director)

Counter Terrorism Unit

Kenny Bell (Chief Superintendent)

Criminal Justice Services

Harvi Khaktar (Chief Superintendent)

DCC Task Force

Andy Parsons (Chief Superintendent)

Diversity & Inclusion

Dr Darren Ralph (Assistant Director)


Davinder Jagpal (Assistant Director)

Force Contact

Andy Beard (Chief Superintendent)

Force Criminal Investigation Department

Paul Drover (Chief Superintendent)

Force Response

Richard North (Chief Superintendent)


Michelle Painter (Assistant Director)

Information Management

Kate Jeffries (Assistant Director)


Andy Hill (Chief Superintendent)

IT & Digital

Helen Davis (Assistant Director)

Joint Legal Services

Lisa-Marie Smith (Director)

Motorway Policing

Richard Agar (Superintendent)


Joanne Clews (Chief Superintendent)


Sarah Burton (Chief Superintendent)

Organisation Development and Learning

Alex Godden (Assistant Director)

Professional Standards

Sam Ridding (Chief Superintendent)

Public Protection Unit

Caroline Marsh (Chief Superintendent)

Regional Organised Crime Unit

Jenny Skyrme (Chief Superintendent)

Shared Services

Sharon Dyer (Assistant Director)

Strategy and Direction

Harry Barton (Head of Strategy and Direction)


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